What tasks do you all use your Virtual Assistants for?

I hear a lot about people using VAs. What are some of the tasks you assign to them with land investing?

@koisounds Here’s one way to look at your “Delegation Hierarchy.”

  • The drudgery zone. Your most hated tasks should be the first to offload to someone who enjoys them.
  • The disinterested zone. The things you’re okay at doing but still hate doing them.
  • The distraction zone. Things you enjoy but are still not great at it, and it’s not the best use of your time.
  • The desire zone. The only reason to delegate these tasks is if you still don’t have time to do them all.

Note: This came from the book Free to Focus by Michael Hyatt.

When I think of my personal drudgery zone, I think of posting listings, doing due diligence, taking calls for motivated sellers, etc. Your drudgery zone may be different, but that’s what immediately comes to mind for me.


@koisounds I just completed the training on my 2 VAs. It’s my firtst VA experience and, even if I don’t think they’re “full combat ready” yet, I decided to get them started from my next campaign (100% ready is just an utopy: they will train while being in the trench).

If you want, feel free to contact me to exchange our own experience with our VAs and share training and best practices.

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@retipsterseth That’s interesting! It reminded me of the Eisenhower Matrix, link here, which I need to employ more: https://www.eisenhower.me/eisenhower-matrix/

@arturo I wanted to hire VAs as well but don’t know where to find good ones. Can you please direct me? :slight_smile:

@retipsterseth thanks for that! I’ll check out that book

@vivdiaa hi there! I used the help of @Jarenb7 to find mine. Jaren put me in contact with the 2 managers who vetted the VAs and are also responsible for training and replacing them (if/when necessary). Despite Jaren being very helpful as always - and the price is quite competitive - I’m experiencing some problems to get the things done as I would like because the managers so far do not seem to be too responsive to my requests…I will see how it evolves.
Other solid solutions (more expensive) that i know are rocket station (still Philippine but the Company is based in US, I had an intro call and that would have probably been my backup plan) and Hiremymum (US). I also talked with the sales manager of Clint Turner: they have a turn-key VA package that seemes to work incredibly well, only problem is that to say “expensive” is like to say that the ocean is “a little wet”:grin:

@arturo Thank you Arturo. I appreciate you taking time to reply to my question. I’m a shy person and poor at communicating. LOL
I need help on the acquisition side. Will reach out to them and see how it goes. Thank you sir.

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