What YouTube channels should I be following for real estate?

I know about REtipster’s channel, BiggerPockets and a few other notable real estate ones out there, but what are some other great ones waiting to be discovered?

They don’t have to be just real estate either. Any kind of business or entrepreneur-minded channels would be great to know about.

Holistic Aficionado is a smaller up and coming podcast channel that focuses on mindset, spirituality, and entrepreneurial topics.

Kevin Ward is great

The Rich Dad Channel is really informative in money making

I uploaded this video to my YouTube channel a few years back, some of them are still very active and worth paying attention to:

I’ve been meaning to do an update to this because a lot of new channels have come onto the scene in recent years.


I meant to update this a few months back, but in case you’re still looking for good ones to follow @charlotteirwin, here are some new additions for 2021…

You can see the full blog post (with links to each channel) in this blog post.

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