What's a Normal Mailer Response Time?

Hey everyone,

Curious about the response time after a mailer goes out. Sent 500 postcards a week and a half ago, and only 3 responses so far (1 call, 2 website submissions). Click2mail a few days ago said the mail has been delivered for most pieces (some are still en route).

It got me wondering what other peoples’ experiences are in reponse time. Since it was only 500 pieces, im not expecting to be inundated with responses. But given that it was a neutral letter to a tax list, i am expecting a higher response rate than, say, a blind offer campaign.

I am also interested to hear different takes on what a recipient might be doing when they receive a letter (i.e., what is your speculation on this?). Some people (many people) are throwing the piece away instantly. But are the others letting it sit on their counter, or maybe pinned to their fridge, thinking “ill think about it for awhile”? I hadnt put too much thought into this before i sent the mail out, but after thinking about it more i think it makes more sense that an interested person likely wouldnt respond right away. Maybe they want to think about it, maybe they have to talk to some people, maybe theyre just busy. Knowing myself, i have to process my mail basically the same day or else i forget about it (or my wife throws it away :)). But maybe this isnt the norm.

Anyway, just curious what other peoples’ thoughts/experiences are on this. Looking forward to the days ahead!

All the best,


Hey Ryan, it really depends. Sometimes you can only get 3 calls per 500 post cards, sometimes more. Also, you can expect calls months after your mailing. I have gotten calls 6-8 months after a mailing was sent. In more competitive areas you responses will be very low.

@gary-sk thanks gary! Would you say the number of responses you get in a day (for example) peak in the days following your recipients receiving the mail, or 2 weeks later, or something else? Im curious what kinds of delays people tend to see. But i agree with you in the sense that maybe ill only get 3, who knows!

Most come in a day or two after receiving the one I mailed to myself. I just had a smaller mailer that didn’t bring in a single interest!

@rmiller1291 I usually see the bulk of responses come in anywhere from 1 - 3 weeks after my recipients receive the mail.

I also think the quality of the list has a bigger impact on the response rate than the type of mail you send out. If you’re sending mail to the right people, responses will come in whether you’re sending blind offers or neutral postcards.

And if you are sending blind offers, the offer amounts you’re sending can also have an impact.

@retipsterseth Thanks Seth. Yea it’s good to be reminded of the importance of the quality of the list. I thought Gary had an interesting point about the competition aspect of it as well. This mailer happened to target a couple counties that were probably a little too close to a majot city. I wouldnt be surprised if these people had been have approached by other entities already.

I get calls back anywhere from 1-8 weeks after my mail hits. The bulk call in week two and three. I’m sending offer letters with a acceptance deadline of about 8 weeks out so that is why people are still calling 8 weeks later. I still get calls months after the deadline though. Sometimes even a year or two later.

If you’re sending a simple postcard to an area that is hot with land investors you’re definitely going to receive less of a response. In my experience anyway.