What's everyone using as their tech stack? Anyone from New Jersey?

Hello Land Investor’s,

Innovative tools and technology continue to evolve in this space, but no end-to-end solution yet exists. I’m curious to learn what everyone is using as their tech stack?

Let me know if any New Jersey located land investors want to connect.

All the best,
Art Tobani

@land-scout I’m just getting started. This is what I’ve been using so far.

PebbleREI- website development, CRM and mailing (just did my first mailing with them…ETA 2 weeks :frowning: )
Datatree - list builder/research
OpenPhone- VOIP phone service
VirtualMailbox- mail
quickbooks- accounting
Google Workspace- docs, cloud storage and business email
PandaDOC- esignatures

I’m sure this will change over time. But for now it’s working and allowing me to progress.

@mintproperties Awesome setup!

@land-scout all of it is recommendations from Seth and Jaren.


I’m using the following:

  • Google Sheets: CRM
  • DataTree: Lists and Property Research
  • RingCentral: Phone
  • PandaDoc: eSignatures
  • PATLive: Virtual Receptionist
  • WordPress with Winning Agent Pro 2 theme: Website
  • Parlay and Google Earth: Map Research

There may be other things I’m not thinking of, but that’s what comes to mind.

@land-scout :

  • Supercharged offers: mailing and acquisition website (is going to replace Rocket Print & Mail)

  • Openphone: VOIP

  • Surfshark: VPN

  • Propstream and PRYCD: support to comps (I may decide to delete PRYCD)

  • Ilovepdf: pdf editing

  • Reireply: texting +cold calling (not used yet)

  • G-drive

  • Mysignature: email signatures

  • Canva pro: all that is graphic design

  • Regrid + Mapright: mapping tools

  • Versium: skip trace

  • TCPAlitigators: to identify litigators, and federal and State DNCs

@donyost Thx for sharing.

@arturo Wow, power stack! Thanks for sharring!
For me:

  1. Pebble platform (websites, CRM, document storage, and API to print house fully integrated)
  2. PRYCD
  3. Mapright
  4. RingCentral (VM drives sellers to website property capture form)
    5)PandaDoc (E-signatures )

What are you finding PRYCD isn’t giving you compared to Propstream ?
TCPA … - How are you using this source ?

Thanks again, Art

@arturo I’d love to hear your compare / contrast of Regrid vs Mapright.
I’m using Regrid, but have only trialed Mapright briefly.

@scottbraden hi and sorry for the late reply. Mapright allows me to run in a very fast and effective way (one shop solution) the due diligence necessary to qualify the properties that I may consider buying. I appreciate the several ways you can look for a piece of land, the many overlays and basemaps, the possibility to have a look at the soil, a very nice 3D view feature and the fact that I can add elements to my maps. Used along with Google earth pro it also allows to run a cool topographic profile, in case I have doubts about the topography. You can do many things with it. Not a “MUST have” but is like chocolate: once you use it, it’s too difficult to stop. The cost is worth it IMO. I still have regrid only because I like to have backups and Regrid is a good - and, most importantly, super cheap - one.

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