What's it like to invest in gated communities?

Do you ever market land in gated communities and such? Is the process of buying and selling there the same as anywhere else?

@levi-shemtov I’ve bought some in gated communities without realizing that they were gated (I found out in my due diligence). Depending on how “secure” it is (requiring an access code or some other hoop you need to jump through to pass), it can definitely create some hassles when you send out your photographer, potential buyers, or anyone else who needs to get to it.

Not a deal-breaker necessarily. If the deal is good, it’s probably still worth dealing with those hassles. But still, it’s good to be aware of what you’ll have to do to gain access each time someone wants to get into the subdivision.

@retipsterseth Thank you Seth.
Are there restrictions/hassles when it comes to buying?
Like, are owners restricted as to how/who they can sell to?

Not sure if this is applicable everywhere but in certain instances if 75% of the properties are owned by investors then it has to be a cash only sale.