What's the Average Return from Weekly Offer Letter Campaigns?

Greetings! What’s the latest average return on marketing spend via physical offer letters these days? Of course it depends and likely less than it used to be, but what are the pros out there finding currently, i.e. sending at least 2,000 letters weekly?

What about expected response rates, i.e. accepted offers?

@helloland I don’t think there’s a way to answer that question. Like you said, “it depends” on so many different things.

I could tell you how many deals I get from the letters I’ve sent out so far in 2024, which is about 1 deal for every 3,500 mailers, but these two numbers alone just aren’t very helpful.

If anything, they could be misleading, because I haven’t given you any other information about the market, what my mail piece says, how my list was filtered, if I used any other marketing channels, how much I followed up to get each deal, etc.

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@charlotteirwin many thanks, that’s still helpful to understand a benchmark. I appreciate it!