What's the average timeframe for a responce?

Hey all,

I recently sent my first campaign with Pebble. I wont be using their mail service a second time. Mostly due to the fact that it took two weeks for mail to start being delivered. Plus with them being a Canadian company my bank rejects any of their charges without me calling them. So far I have received no responses from about 300 mailers. I sent out two test postcards, one was delivered, and one said delivered but wasn’t. With this being a holiday weekend I’m sure the responses are affected by that. What kind of timeframe do you usually see responses from a postcard campaign?

My list was from DataTree. It was filtered for 1-10acre vacant lots with delinquent taxes. Not as good as direct information but Washington doesn’t want to pass this information out. I spot checked properties on the list, on the county website and all of them were listed as delinquent.

@MintProperties Hi Shawn! Kevin here - cofounder of Pebble. Thanks for sharing your experience. Please allow me to address a few of your issues.

We rely on a third-party print & mail provider, and our SLA with them dictates a 3 business-day turnaround to get each mailpiece to the USPS. However, we typically see next-day turnaround for the majority of mail.

We have two mailing options in Pebble, “Standard” and “First Class”. First class typically takes 3-5 business days to be delivered while Standard can take 14 days or more. I’d suggest using First Class if mailing times are important.

I’d like to know more about the postcard that wasn’t delivered. Could you share a link to that? When you see “Delivered” in Pebble, that information is coming directly from the USPS.

As for the bank issue, we’re currently restructuring as a US corporation and will transition our payment provider on March 1st. That should solve the foreign transaction issue you were seeing.

I’m sorry your experience with Pebble wasn’t what you expected. I’ll be bringing your comments to the team and see how we can improve things in the future.


@mintproperties Hey Shawn!

Jessey here, also co-founder here at Pebble. To add to what Kevin has mentioned as this crossed my radar this evening, I hate for misunderstanding from swaying you to use our mailing system.

I will le tyou know with 300 mailers, it is very common to have no responses. Theres a lot that can factor into this as well. We’re seeing most are sending a few thousand a month nowadays. (I got my first deal several years ago, and 500 mailers took me more than 2 weeks after first class to get a response. Not to mention the next few months I got 0 deals with over a few thousand mailer - simple yellow postcard too :slight_smile: )

But I’ll be reaching out to you personally to make sure you have a clear understanding as to what has happened.

Unfortunately, with your bank, I’m not sure why they decided to cancel charges - this is out of our control unfortuantely. Nonetheless, that will be changing shortly regardless as we are now setting up as an American company (so those rules shouldn’t apply).

Nonetheless, I have your contact and would love to make sure you understand how things.

We’re all about transparency and clarity here Shawn!


Kevin and Jessey,

I apologize for my post, my intent wasn’t to negatively review your services. Obviously I can see how it came across that way. I commend you for personally addressing it right away. Jessey called me as well and I spoke with him on the phone for about 15 minutes. I’ve actually been very happy with your services. Your company has provided me with exactly what I’m paying for, time saved. By building my websites for me and giving me a system to track everything. Customer service wise, I’m very happy. I’ve mostly dealt with Diana and she has been very prompt and helpful.

For the mail turn around time, I didn’t realize standard was that slow. Your turn around for getting the mail sent was quick, it was one day I believe. I’ll definitely use first class in the near future. Something I mentioned to Jessey on the phone was I think it would be a good idea to add a timeframe next to the mail options when you’re sending a campaign. I didn’t realize the timeframe until after I did everything and I checked the tracking for an individual piece of mail. Had I realized first class would have been that much faster I would have opted for that.

For the bank issue, I’m glad to see that your restructuring and that will be a non issue.

The undelivered piece of mail. I understand that’s out of your hands. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if my in-laws (my control group) tossed it. I can discuss that further with you in a email or DM.

Once again I apologize for how my post came across. Your response has definitely changed my mind. I will use you for my next mailing campaign. I appreciate dealing with a small business and the level of pride and care that brings.

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