What's the craziest house you've ever seen?

What's the most bizarre, coolest, weirdest, biggest or most unusual house you've ever seen?

This is the Biltmore Estate (biggest house in the US).

This building is also pretty trippy... The Vancouver House

Part of what makes it look so crazy is the point of view, but still... it's kind of an architectural marvel.

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I drive by this building quite regularly (only 15 mins from here) and though It's been up for the last few years I still find it so odd. Definitely the strangest building here in my hometown!

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Here's the "snow white" house along one of the busier roads here in Vancouver. What's funny is now on both sides of this house are big condos/apartments. Because this house is now deemed a "Heritage home" in Vancouver, it won't be going down anytime soon. Just sold a few years back for over $2.5 million

That's real estate for ya in Vancouver, Canada :pig:


@Jessey I wondered if you’d be familiar with this one! Thanks for confirming my suspicion.

@Jessey that’s nuts! Nice contribution. I wonder what the interior looks like.

I don't know if this qualifies as "Craziest" but I was pretty jealous when I read an article about this house:

freemason temple


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@JT that’s amazing! I gotta find me a cheap temple to covert like that. Great contribution!

Sorry, I don't have any pics, but last year I bought a rental house to rehab... In the front room there was a big pentogram drawn in salt on the floor, with candles all around and a plate of dead bats in the center.

That was a little crazy.

Years ago when I was a carpenters apprentice we were building a loft apartment in an old historical house in Quincy IL and I found a baseball and a kids writing homework dated 1856 in a fall. That was pretty cool.

@jawollbrink - that is cool! (the 1856 thing, not the pentagram thing)

I posted this one on the Facebook Group a while back, I figured I should add it here too.

This is an earth-bermed house in Switzerland and was (I've heard) featured on Netflix's Extraordinary Homes.

The real estate in Barcelona is laid out in a unique way.

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Those Shipping Container houses are pretty neat. There's a few in my town!

These quonset homes have always been fascinating to me. This is a development in Detroit called True North. Every 6 months or so I get the urge to buy property and build one of these on it.

I'm convinced there will be a major market for non-traditional homes like this in the near future. There's just too many people who struggle with the traditional mortgage/stick-built home process these days.

True North Detroit - Wikipedia

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@DanielC - fascinating. What's the idea behind this type of house (I'm assuming there's no basement)?

Do people put these up because they're so much cheaper than a traditional home - or is there some other benefit I'm missing?

They look kind of cool and kind of ugly at the same time.

@retipsterseth Agreed. The appeal of the quonset hut homes is durability and overall cheaper construction costs. Many people seem to take them on as major DIY projects as well. Basically, pour a foundation, install the steel frame and build two outer walls and you are good to go. Then build on the inside at your own pace however you like. Apparently they are incredibly strong, too, so maintenance costs are low (although the quonset hut naysayers claim condensation issues due to the steel construction). Never built one myself so I am not sure who to believe, but it's definitely an interesting little rabbit hole to travel down if you're curious.

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@DanielC - I have a feeling Detroit is one of those unique cities where the planning department wouldn’t take issue with such an unconventional design. If there was ever a place to try em out on a larger scale, that’s probably a good place to do it.

This apartment building in Beirut is neat.

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Times are tough and membership must be down for "The Stonecutters". Not sure how I'd feel living in a masonic temple or a former church. Not sure what's worse....but that's just me.

@Sunrise_Buyers I can see why some people would be hesitant to stay in a building like this one. For me however, once they're done using it, it's a building like any other! And a unique one at that.