What's the most expensive property you've sold through Facebook?

Wondering what others' experiences have been. I've sold some lower priced (less than $10k) properties through Facebook with good results. Do others find it equally as effective for selling $20k+ properties?

It's been about 2 years (before the meteoric rise of Facebook marketplace for land) but I sold an $80,000 property on craigslist.


Thanks, @JT. That's awesome. Was that a cash deal or owner-financed?

Also curious, do you still post properties on Craigslist today?

@dl7573 That was an owner-financed deal but I had lower cash offers for the property that I turned down. I don't but I'm not as involved in the marketing these days.

@JT that sounds like a podcast interview right there. :)


I sold a 90k house on FB last year...

Land deals mostly 20k and under.



Financed: $35,479

Cash Price: $17,500

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@justinm, that's great! Just to confirm, though, those were two separate deals, for the $17.5k and the $35.5k, right? Otherwise, if you had offered that property at $17.5k cash, but ultimately sold it for $35.5k financed, I'm very curious what type of rate and term that was!

I sold a house for 85k through FB once, vacant land at about 25k.