When to set the closing date in a purchase agreement

If you choose to put a closing date in addition to an expiration date on your PA/Offer Letter, what is a typical length in days that is safe?

@johnsonsteven77 I usually opt for 45 days on mine. Seems to be a good amount of time to get the job done (even when working with a slower title company), but isn’t so far out that it turns off the seller.

When I’m sending blind offers, I’ll usually set a closing deadline for 45 - 60 days out, mainly because I’m using standard presort postage and it’s it needs more time to reach the property owners in the first place, let alone get the things closed.

If I’m talking directly to a seller and sending one PA to that one person, either by first class mail or email, I’ll set it for 30 days out, because I don’t need to account for that extra delivery time as noted above.

I typically put 45 days.