Where to find a reasonably priced Title Abstractor?

Where are you finding title abstractors? I hear about other land investors finding title abstractors for $50-100/property. The people I've found (Upwork) are quoting me much higher than that. Is there another go-to resource?

I've had good luck finding them (in the price range you're talking about) by calling the county recorder and asking them for some good referrals. Sometimes they'll have some names at the ready, but not always.

You can also try Scott Shores. I've never used him personally, but he's one of those names that people refer to again and again whenever this subject comes up.

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Scott shores is a guy on fiverr. He will do a property search/ chain of title for 25 bucks or so. I have has better luck with jeny_barira14 off of Fiverr. He charges 10 or 15 bucks and is quick.

No, these guys I am assuming are using online accesible data, they arent going to physically go and search.. that would cost more.