Where to find cheap land

I decided to get into land flipping a few years ago and bought several tracts of undeveloped land on sites like Landwatch, but when I looked at assesed value, I didn’t do much better than market value. How are land flippers finding properties cheap enough to make a decent profit?

@jameyson72 I’ve got a 3-part blog post that explains one framework you can use for this; you can see Part 1 here: https://retipster.com/findingmotivatedsellers1/

Keep in mind, there are many variations on this, everything from where you get the list (as I explain in Part 1, or this alternative, or another data service altogether) to what kind of mail you send out (like postcards or blind offers), what company you use to send out the mail (Part 3), and whether you send mail at all (many people are using cold calling, texting and even email these days).

…but hopefully this gives you a few ideas to chew on.