Which land investors have experience with commercial/industrial Entitlements?

Who are the top 2-3 land investors who are experienced in entitlements (vacant land → commercial/industrial zoning) that are open to JV? @retipsterseth

Mike Marshall has branded himself pretty well as the go-to guy for entitlements. You could also reach out to David Hansen if you’re trying to carve up a big subdivision, that guy is FULL of knowledge that could be useful. I’m not sure how much commercial/industrial zoned stuff he’s done, but I’d be shocked if he didn’t have some ideas to share.

I’m sure there are many other members of our community with relevant experience, but I don’t keep tabs on the specifics of each person’s projects. You could try looking around for these people in our Facebook Group too.

Just keep in mind that ‘entitlements’ is a big word with lots of presuppositions that go into it. Whoever you talk to, just make sure you’re clear about what type of entitlements you mean (what property use) for which type of properties (like you mentioned, commercial/industrial), and in which specific markets (any specific states, counties, or cities).


Yes, I remember Mike Marshal now. Thank you, Seth!