Which state to incorporate in?

Seth Said, “Don’t let this stand in your way.” I didn’t listen! LOL

That’s not true, lol. But, Seth suggested incorporating in the state in which you do most of your business. I have done NO business, but I also want to just get this (incorporation) out of the way now and check it off the list. I have a name and before I register it with rocket lawer, I want to quickly put this one question to bed so that I can move on.

My question is: Markets change and where I might be doing a lot of business during the first 5 years may dry up and I may find myself doing more business in another state. (This claim is eligible for confirmation or refutation by anyone who has been in the game for 10+ years. I am all ears.) If that is the case, then in the long run, does it really matter which state I incorporate in?

In the office hours session for 9-28-22 Seth posted a link to an unlisted video which will probably answer my question and many others. I don’t want to post the link here because I don’t want to cross contaminate any kind of special access lifetime premium members may have that basic members don’t have. I never really looked into the differences. So if you have access to the office hours archive, look for the timestamp 12:16:10 and you will see the link there.