Which states allow referrals to RE agents?

Hey everyone!

Hope you all had a nice weekend. Does anyone know which states allow referrals to RE agents from people outside the state who do not have licenses? I am hoping to help buyers from overseas invest in USA land and we are also outside the US. We will only be charging our clients and not the sellers for our service. I am wondering if anyone has ever funneled sales through a licensed RE agent to get around license requirements? As we will be selling in multiple states it would simply not be feasible to obtain a license for every state we do a deal in. Any advice or pointers would be hugely appreciated. Many thanks)

Hey @Katherine! When you talk about “charging clients,” who is your client? The buyer or the buyer’s agent or someone else?

I’m not sure if you mean charging buyers an assignment fee or charging the buyer’s agent (whom you refer people to) and asking for a cut of their commission.

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Hey Sean,

Thanks for your message. At this point I am just trying to see what legal ways there are around the licensing laws and then we will create a business strategy around that. But to answer your question,we will charge our client/buyer a consultancy fee for each transaction. So for example say we have a client Mr X and we are managing his real estate portfolio. We might then source properties for him which could be either with an existing RE agent or FSBO. It depends on what we are allowed to legally do. If Mr X decides to buy a property we have identified that is with an RE agent then perhaps we can then accept a referral fee from the selling agent and or a consultancy fee from our client if allowed. Same can apply if it is an FSBO. The other option would be for our client to source his own property,bring it to us and we then just charge him for assisting with due diligence etc. That way we are not involved in any selling whatsoever and as the transaction will take place outside of state and federal jurisdiction I would have thought that would negate the need for a license but I am not sure! Important to note that we and our clients are outside the US. Hope that is a bit clearer but let me know if not?