Who Chooses and Hires the Closing Attorney?

i know when closing with a attorney as a buyer im responsible for hiring one what about when its time to sell?

@rob-g I try to control who the closing agent is on both transactions, because I know which ones are most competent. Even if I’m not paying for the closing costs on a transaction, I can still steer us toward the best title company or closing attorney (provided I know a good one in the market where we’re working).

If you don’t have a good one in your market yet, you can always check out our community-curated list of investor-friendly closing agents.

@retipsterseth yea I’m in a state where attorney is mandatory to close so I was trying to avoid paying for the attorney on both transactions I researched something that said the buyer is responsible

@rob-g it’s usually dictated by whatever is in your purchase agreement. States might have a ‘norm’ that most people go by, but if the PA clearly states who is responsible to pay for what, this can usually override whatever the established norm is in that state.

@retipsterseth thanks so much Seth makes sense :handshake: