Why do so many parcel descriptions say “Deeded Acreage: 0.0?”

Here is an example of some parcel descriptions that I don’t understand:

Deeded Acreage: 0.0000
Calculated Acreage: 0.22974
Acreage Adjacent with Sameowner: 0.22974

Deeded Acreage: 0.0000
Calculated Acreage: 0.172556
Acreage Adjacent with Sameowner: 1.81914

Please help me understand? If there are 0 acres deeded, then what exactly does the land owner own?

Thank you!

@rjean which data service are you using? DataTree? PropStream? PRYCD? Something else?

I would guess it’s some kind of hiccup or missing data in the database. If it were me, I would probably just ignore these.

@rjean I see this often enough in the state I work in most on the state’s GIS website, and I still don’t know why. It hasn’t affected any of my deals, and the amount of land there if you go through the calculations is always the larger number. If you find out an answer, please come back and let us know!

Rachel, at least in Texas, the deed does not legally have to state an acreage amount.

So for example the legal description will have the sections and measurements and metes and bounds, and sometimes a phrase like “called 2.2 acres” or similar. But that has no legal bearing - it’s the legal description that matters.

Same with a survey - the surveyor may report “2.205 acres” in his survey but that has no legal bearing on the parcel, it’s merely additional commentary.

Often you’ll see listings state something like “exact closing price to be determined after survey based on $10k / acre” for this reason.

I don’t know how other states work, I’ve only focused on Texas so far.