Will Nearby Dilapidated Homes Affect the Sale of My Vacant Lot?

Hello RE Community,
In looking at areas I am marketing to, I’m seeing a lot of infill lots that have old delapidated homes next to them or on both sides of them. Do those kinds of lots sell?

@shavonbogan We’ve noticed that these lots are a lot harder to sell right now vs back in 2021. They are still worth buying for the right price.

@shavonbogan Define dilapidated? If homes on either side are occupied and taxes current, then maybe it’s just a poor neighborhood. If it’s Gary, Knoxville, Cleveland or other towns with lots of blight and mass exodus because jobs were eliminated, be careful. Progress may never return. We buy where the builder can sell a house for more than $300k. Don’t fight the migration trend. I have bought a lot of notes in poor towns.