ZILLOW is now buying off market properties....

Good morning all. I’m sure I’m not the first to know, but Zillow is now marketing for off market properties. I had attended a Keller Williams seminar earlier this year and there was some interesting conversation on this subject. They are actually purchasing the homes (for an estimated 5% fee) I’m sure that we will be hearing more information about this down the road. At this point it looks like they are going after actual houses and not vacant land…

@bootstrapbill yea I had Zillow quote my house out of curiosity, which they did remotely, and it was like $45k - $60k under market rate. Told em to pound sand.

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Kinda reminds me of what I’ve seen car dealerships doing in my area recently (I know, cars are a different thing, but there are probably some similarities in the age of COVID).

They’ve been emailing and mailing me basically begging to buy used cars (any used cars) offering cash. With the shortage of inventory people are getting desperate for something to sell.

I’m sure this kind of madness won’t last forever, but until the market levels out, it’ll be an interesting ride.

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