Zillow update to FSBO properties

Hi everyone! I recently noticed an update to Zillow’s listings. It looks as though they’re going to be separating the properties listed FSBO and the ones listed by agents. There are 2 buttons now, one “agent listings” and one “other listings”. In order to see the FSBO listings people will have to click the “other listings” button. What’s everyone’s thoughts on this ? Will there be a decrease in listing views because people won’t notice the new button or won’t care to click it? Has anyone seen a decrease in their FSBO listing views? It also looks like they’re finally letting people format their descriptions so you can actually insert spacing and paragraphs.

I suspect this is directly related to the news I heard recently that Zillow is now a brokerage. I noticed this change yesterday for FSBO properties, and I think it was intentionally done to make it harder for people to buy/sell directly without going through an agent, and specifically an agent that Zillow steers you toward. I don’t have any proof that this will make it harder for people to find the FSBO properties for sale, but my gut tells me that many people will miss the button to switch to viewing FSBO properties now that they are separated from the MLS listings.