Alternative call system to FreedomVoice

I used FreedomVoice for a while and have recently changed to MightyCall. Not sure if other people have found this yet, but I thought it would be worth mentioning.

I was struggling to get FreedomVoice to do what I want with calling and texting back people. I was able to text callers back but not able to call them. I might have had a setting wrong or something but I didn’t feel like wasting a bunch of time trying to figure it out.

MightyCall has a great interface and the app makes it easy to call or text callers back. Also, it comes with 5 numbers (either local or 800 numbers). It does cost a bit more, $49/mo, but the functionality is well worth it. I have a couple of different businesses and I am able to use the same MightyCall account to forward calls to both.

I don’t get any sort of referral fee for this, just felt strongly about my experience with FreedomVoice. Hope others get some value from this.

Good to know! Thanks for sharing your experience @jonesmatr. I’ve never heard of MightyCall before but if it’s working well for you, that’s good for us to know about.

If it’s helpful at all, I’ve been compiling a list for a potential blog post I might write in the future:

  1. RingCentral (REtipster affiliate link)
  2. (REtipster affiliate link)
  3. Grasshopper (REtipster affiliate link)
  4. Dialpad
  5. Line2
  6. OpenPhone (REtipster affiliate link)
  7. Nextiva (REtipster affiliate link)
  8. CallRail
  11. Nimbata

So far, the ones that are standing out to me are:

  1. OpenPhone
  2. Nextiva

But there is a lot to compare and contrast so the jury is still out on which one I think is best.

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@jarenb LEX Reception is another that I have heard of recently

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