Besides Flipping Land, What other Kind of Real Estate do You Invest in? (Or Interested in Learning About?)

Hey Tipsters,

It's no secret that our community is pretty land-centric.

That being said, I'm curious to know what other kinds of real estate investing you guys do (or are interested in doing)?

For me, I house hack - I own a three-unit where I live in one unit, and rent out the others.

I'm also really interested in Apartment Syndication.

I recently wrote a blog post about Kyle Marcotte’s Multifamily F.I.R.E. Accelerator Course:

and I'm currently involved in a mastermind group in that community to keep me accountable.

Really looking forward to what else people are up to in our community!

@jarenb I recently mailed out post cards to two counties in two separate states, and the very few responses I got all said they have been receiving multiple such cards and letters offering to buy their land. Therefore non of my offers went threw. Seeing more competition out there involving vacant land, I started doing SFR wholesaling which can also be pretty quick and simple if you focus in the right area.

@gary-sk Sweet! I think there is a lot of overlap between Land and Wholesaling.

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@jarenb ciao!)
My US RE education started with me being highly interested in BRRRR (quite a big theme on Bigger Pockets and US RE Groups on fb). It was the normal evolution of a path I’m already following in Italy where I run some “plain” rentals but BRRRR is not an option (impossibility to refinance and extreme challenges to get a loan/mortgage). Unfortunately I found out that, in order to BRRRR, a good credit score is not a must but sure makes things way easier and I just opened my LLC 8 months ago, so I decided to not take that road for the moment. Then “land happened” :grin:: no financing, no tennants, 0 rehabs 0 surveys…actually a perfect fit for me.
Nevertheless, I still would like to better understand BRRRR because as soon as I will have the possibility I would probably give a look in that direction again.

Other topic that triggers my curiosity since a month or so is International Home Exchange. Not temporary exchange…more like “I give you my house in Rome in exchange of yours in Miami, compensating any market value differences between the two”. So far I didn’t find valuable info on the web though, so probably it doesn’t even exist​:man_shrugging:t2:…I may have invented a new business here, aren’t I :joy::joy:

Hey @arturo!

That International Home Exchange sounds really interesting!

I’ve never heard of that strategy, @retipsterseth have you?

BRRRR can be extremely powerful but I agree, logistically it can be tough working with the banks sometimes.

You know, it’s funny that you commented on this post when you did!

I was just having a conversation with a friend the other day about how my real estate interests outside of land has recently changed.

I’m still interested in owning apartments but I’m not as enthusiastic about syndications as I once was.

At the end of the day, Apartment Syndication is really a flip strategy.

The objective is to find an underperforming property, institute a business plan over a 3-5 year period to make it perform optimally, and then sell it for a lot of money!

I could see myself saving up and buying a large apartment building, but I think my objective would be to hold it long-term.

My land business started picking up steam this last quarter (praise God) and, unfortunately, I had to drop my involvement with Kyle Marcotte’s mastermind group due to time constraints.

Since then, I’ve been thinking a lot about the idea of short-term vacation rentals.

I’m toying with the idea of buying a triplex or quadplex in a vacation-oriented market, renting out the majority of the units to long-term tenants, and then doing Airbnb or Vrbo on the remaining unit.

This would allow any of my friends and family to go and enjoy themselves whenever they wanted with no cost of lodging!

To me this just sounds way more fun - I mean what sounds more appealing to you?

“I’m a partial owner of a 100 unit complex that we’re going to sell in 3-5 years.”


“I own a portfolio of real estate that gives you a great experience in an exotic place, walking distance from the beach?”

Come on, man! :sweat_smile:

If I go this route, I could easily see myself evolving into exotic markets outside of the U.S. (like Belize maybe? :sunglasses:)

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@jarenb yeah International Home exchange is not a thing yet for what İ understand…but I can tell you that I would gladly give out 1 of my homes in some touristıc place ın Italy ın exchange of a SFR to be used as cash flow machine. You know what I don’t want? To talk to you ın person 10 years from now and saying something like ¨ Jaren you remember that crazy idea i talked about 10 years ago? Well, someone built a huge business on it…¨…that wouldn’t be good at all :face_with_rolling_eyes: . Probably I should talk to some Real Estate Attorney who ıs also famılıar wıth other markets (US ıncluded of course) to know ıf ıt’s somethıng that could be done and how …

Coming at your ideas, I’m not very famılıar wıth Syndıcatıon but I totally agree wıth your short term vacatıon rentals thıng. In Italy short term rentals vacatıon market ıs currently lıvıng quıte a dramatıc sıtuatıon but that’s why now ıs when you want to buy a home ın the Alps or near the sea at a relatıvely low cost and once that thıs mess wıll be over (ı thınk quıte soon), people wıll run to holıday places and ıt wıll be a BOOM! I am not sure how the short term rental vacatıon ıs doıng at the moment ın US but I belıeve that people worldwıde now more than ever feel the urge to go on holıdays and I also belıeve that thıs feelıng wıll last. I lıstened to a very ınterestıng podcast (one of the fırst) from @retipsterseth wıth a guy (ı can’t recall the name) who made hıs fortune on short rentals and that was a very ınterestıng topıc…I belıeve you have a plan Man!:grin:. Belıze sounds cool…(truth ıs that I am thınkıng to retıre ın Costa Rıca ın 12 years from now as I heard excellent thıngs on ıt).

Sorry tor the typos…usıng a turkısh keyboard…these guys have sooooo many vowels :grinning:

@arturo yea man! You might have a million-dollar idea right there!

Costa Rica is totally on my shortlist!

I think as my kids get older, we’re going to travel a lot as a family.


@jarenb that’s wonderful…you’re ın the rıght dırectıon to make ıt happen not too far from now! You’ll kıll ıt for sure and the happıness you wıll see ın you kıds’ eyes wıll be the best compensatıon for all the hard work! Good luck wıth that.