Best State for Beginning Land Investment?

Hey all! I’m getting ready to start my first campaign! I’m super interested and motivated to give this a shot, but I’m not sure where I should find my leads. Where would you recommend a beginner starting their search? This can be specific states or general rules-of-thumb. Any information/advice would be greatly appreciated!

  • I live in Nashville, Tennessee, but out-of-state investing does not scare me (unless it should :grin: )

  • I plan on finding/using a tax-delinquency list

  • I am content with “hitting a single” (proof of concept rather than a homerun)

Thank you in advance for any help you can offer!

@montecarbo Your home state has a good amount of low priced properties. You have to drill down to the county level. Rural? Look 2 hours outside of a smaller city. Stay away from urban blighted areas. Go get 'em! LOTS of better info on the Tipster site and YouTube


@montecarbo Find counties where other land investors are being successful. Look at listings on sites like,, etc. If there are plenty of listings in the county you are looking at then that is your best clue other investors are being successful there.



It depends.

The best state for you might not be the best for me.

For example, if you grew up in a state like Alabama for example, and your parents were house flippers or something, and you have an existing network of investors, title companies, private money lenders, and agents you can leverage… Alabama is probably best, even though it doesn’t have strong growth metrics compared to other states.

That said, if you have nothing to go off of, I would follow the growth trends. Here is an article of the fastest-growing states in 2022:

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@jarenb7 I see what you’re saying here about following the trends, and working hot markets. But reading some of the other questions on the board here, with current market conditions causing investors to have to increase their buying price and competing for the best deals with other investors, I wonder if a moderate market might be less intimidating to start in? Or is it really best to go where the most sales are happening? I am considering Texas, but I am from rural Oklahoma. I have no previous real estate experience, other than being farmers whose family owns farm land. North/Northeast Texas? Or Oklahoma?