Can't Pull a List From South Carolina or Montana.

I am trying to pull a list for South Carolina and Montana but I am not sure how to go about pulling a list because Agentpro and other sources are not allowed to sell lists from a couple states such as South Carolina. Has anyone run into this problem before?


That is because they are non solicitation states. Meaning you cannot mail their residents.


@jawollbrink Ok so is there no way around this?


Request the data directly from county and then mail to only out of state owners.

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@jawollbrink Makes sense. Thank you for the information!

@jawollbrink What a great idea!

@jawollbrink Interesting.

I live in SC, mail in SC, and buy/sell in SC. I've had no problems. I do use DataTree though and have found their data to be pretty accurate.

@mike-hill That's interesting I did not realize data tree has SC. I will look into that. Thanks

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