Hello! Bought Seth’s Master Class and have spent the last 5 days devouring the course. Excellent!! So my question is: I am receiving about $50K from a home I am flipping (should close in March) I would like to take that profit and move it into the land flipping business. With that kind of investment, should I start out doing small deals to learn the business or would I be wiser to seek out the knowledge of Travis or Jaren? I would prefer to expediate the process of multiplying my funds however not at the cost of ignorance. Thank you! This is an awesome community!

@christ0pher if you’ve got the money to spend, I think coaching can be a pretty solid investment if you’ve got the right coach who understands where you want to go and is able to give you the input you need to get you there.

I didn’t do coaching in the beginning because there were no coaches that I knew if (and even if there were, I didn’t have the money to pay for it). It sounds like you’re coming from a different place though, so I would think it’s worth some serious consideration.

If you want to learn more, reach out to Travis and/or Jaren and have a conversation about it. It shouldn’t cost you anything to have a discovery call and figure out if either of them are the right fit.

Good luck!


Hi @christ0pher,

Obviously, I have an inherent basis because I think I’m awesome lol - but I’ll try to answer your question as honestly as I can.

I think working with the right coach can be HUGE - but “right” is key!

There is a lot that can go into what makes a coach a good fit, like your current experience in land, your goals, and ultimately where you’re at in life and in the development of your business.

Travis King is a GREAT coach and I highly recommend him but generally, he focuses on coaching people who’ve already done a handful of deals and helps them go from a handful of deals to a full-scale operation.

I generally focus on helping beginners go from never doing a deal to successfully completing their first.

In my fast-track program for example, as long as students are taking action and holding up their end of the bargain, I unofficially commit to as many coaching sessions as needed to get them to their first deal, meaning the student has successfully taken title to a property and has it listed for sale with a land specialized agent.

If you’ve done a hand full of deals already but you’re looking for help taking things to the next level, Travis is probably your guy.

If you’re a beginner and you want to get to your first deal successfully, I’m probably your guy.

Again, take this with a grain of salt because I’m speaking on behalf of myself here, but that’s my two cents for good or for worse.