Does Anyone Know of a Good Course or Book on Billboards?

Hey guys!

Excited for my first post!

So, I've been looking into leasing out land to billboards lately - anyone have any experience with this?

What books or courses would you suggest?

I've found this one:

But want to know if it's solid before I buy - thanks!

@Jarenb - I'm actually surprised you found anything out there for this! Billboards seem like such a small niche (and that's part of what makes it appealing in the first place).

Even if that course isn't amazing, billboards seem like the kind of thing where ANY information is better than just fumbling around and and stabbing in the dark (I have a feeling there isn't a ton of educational material about it out in the world... but I could be wrong).

@retipsterseth ;-) I send him an email asking if we can review it for

Pretty basic but informative intro video:


@Jarenb - You probably already were aware of this additional page from same site with links to a couple of their courses:

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@karljames - I'm actually halfway through a review of this course right now (and it's actually pretty good). I should have the results posted on the blog in the next month or so.

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hi Jaren,

the only input I have on this is a 6 acre parcel I just sold a month ago in TN. When I purchased it, I got my portion of the sellers annual billboard income of $3800.(prorated). When I called LaMar to ask questions about the "lease agreement", the rep told me they wouldn't be doing annual payments in the future, only monthly. When he looked up the area this billboard was in, he said the area is not that great for the "traffic" one would seek (acted as if the $3800 annually was a gift for this particular property) so my first thought was....If you have GREAT location with GREAT exposure, your billboard could bring in a decent amount of $$. When we sold this, the new buyer said he wanted NO LEASED anything on his land, so I called LaMar and spoke to the same rep (about removing it)...he was so stressed out... he said he was getting TONS of cancellations daily due to this virus situation and everyones inability to travel. Even though we don't have "pandemics" very often, it told me you could be without income if another scenario like this were to happen even in the billboard biz, so take that into consideration if you make a deal with a big player in this biz. Ask them how this type of situation would affect your contract.

Hope this helps you in someway. My son was looking into this a couple years back but never moved forward with it. I think its a great passive strategy to add to the "toolkit"

Just following up on this, if anyone wants to see the full review on the course @Jarenb mentioned at the top of this thread, you can see it here:

And here's the video, if you'd rather watch it here...

Our affiliate link can be found here:

( just messing with you @Jarenb )

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