Didn’t quite get which category to publish my comment / feedback on, so I choose this. Anyone else feel the content of the masterclass is super awesome? But while Seth is authentic- I really feel like he needs to loosen up. He’s always so serious and “means business”. No smiles, no jokes. Always the guy who gives info and vanishes. While I am floored by the content of his course (I am doing one right now)- I really think Jaren is more relatable. I feel like Seth is un approachable. Perhaps ppl who have met Seth can chime in? Is he like that in real life too? There is NOTHING that comes up for Seth by googling . Seth are u a very private person in real life?I do love your videos and content.

@chandana personally I appreciate the way both Jaren and Seth approach people on Internet, even if they use different approach simply because they have different personalities. I met Jaren on a.videocall when i was not sure if i was going for the masterclass only or the coaching program and he was super friendly and available. I also had some mail exhange with Seth: i still don’t know how he can manage to be ALWAYS, EVERYWHERE for EVERYONE, despite the podcast, retipster, Family, his own Land business…he’s a machine)). And I talked to him BEFORE i decided for his program, just saying to him “ehy Man, i like your program but i’m not sure i’m going with that because i think that also X,Y and Z may be good choices”. He answered super professionally and surely not trying to pull me into the Masterclass at any cost; I appreciated it sooo much.
I don’t need him to be my best friend but sure as hell i need a mentor i can trust and he earned my unconditional trust. I talked with others who were sponsoring too much their product (you can understand who they are by the times you see their smiley face on fb,advertising the next event that you absolutely CANNOT miss) and it was clear to me that they were just trying to get me into their program with false bromance and “you will be rich in 6 months” kind of talks…B.S…
Plus,watch again Seths videos or listen again to his podcast and you’ll realize how many times he comes out now and then with some unexpected sentence that turns out to be hylarious!!
Furthermore he has a video of his standard day, he sent a newsletter to talk about him besides the land investing business…so, long story short: i see him as an open and honest professional who just loves his business and wants to help new investors without making too unnecessary noise or pretending to be who is not.
And he didn’t even pay me for all this))).


That’s some great feedback, @chandana. I’m so glad to see your honest take on how I come across.

I agree, Jaren is WAY more relatable and he’s got a natural presence on camera. I’m a pretty big introvert (something I don’t love about myself) and I tend to think through my message several times over before I finally hit record, open my mouth and say anything. The upside of this is that most of those videos tend to pack a pretty good punch of value (if people spend a few minutes watching one of my videos, I want that time to be very well-spent), but the downside is that it cuts out a lot of off-the-cuff comments or “personality” you seem to be looking for.

This is really good for me to see, though. I never meant to be unapproachable, but I can see how I might give off this vibe. I can work on that.

And as for why I’m “like that”, @Arturo touched on it a bit…

  • These days, a big part of this boils down to time constraints. There are a lot of plates spinning in my life right now. As hard as I try to respond to every email and message I get, I really can’t be available everywhere. This is a huge part of the value Jaren brings to the organization because at this point, he does have more freedom to respond to people and be the personal presence of REtipster (and he’s frankly much better at it than I am).

  • Yes, I am a private person and so is my wife. It’s hard to get on my schedule. I don’t give out my phone number to many people. Heck, we don’t even invite friends over to our house that often. Some of it is my introversion. Some of it is because I need that boundary between my personal and work life.

All that said, if you’re really trying to figure out more about who I am, here’s some stuff you can chew on… :slight_smile:

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I did love the blog post - 20 things you didnt tell us and the video Seth. As I browse through your web page - there is nuggets of info every where. Dont know which / how many I have missed so far. You really are a good writer and the content shows how much thought clarity one needs to have to generate the quality content you churn out this frequently. I was in digital media for a while - so I really do know. I gave up digital media because I couldn’t keep up with churning out meaningful content periodically. But loving browsing through your social media platforms.

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Thanks so much for the compliment!

I can probably say I know Seth better than most and though he does value his privacy, there really isn’t a difference between who he portrays himself to be online and who he is in real life.

I can honestly say he’s one of those rare people who is consistently authentic and true to himself in every environment I’ve seen him in.

I think you might be getting the vibe that he’s super serious or unrelatable because when he makes a video, he gets really focused on adding value.

He doesn’t want to distract anyone from something that might change their life so he tends to keep to the point he’s trying to convey.

On the podcast, however, at the end of every episode, Seth and I answer a question or discuss a topic that normally goes very personal, so if you’re wanting to find out more about him (or me), I would definitely check those out!


I personally really like and relate to Seth’s style. I am in the beginner/research phase of vacant land flipping, and have found Seth’s videos and blog posts to be the least gimmicky, most straightforward, and focused on the topic. He does not cross-sell or waste time with fluff like many of his peers.

I’m not here for jokes or smiles, I can get those from Trevor Noah or Jimmy Kimmel. I’m here for information, and Seth provides it in exactly the way I’m looking for it.