Hard money loan vs agricultural financing on land

Hello Tipster group,

I’ve been pondering the thought of getting financing for larger deals (over 100k). I’ve never had a hard money loan or land mortgage. I’m not even sure if a hard money lender will finance a land deal. I’d have to assume as long as the deal had good potential they will lend.

I’m looking for any insight into financing land. I’m sorry if Seth has covered this topic before. Please share links or podcasts if it has.

Thanks, Andy

@ascheurer hello!
I’m considering to finance some of my future deals too and I think I may do it through finance partners. There are Facebook groups where you can easily find them (check Land University by Clint Turner or Land Academy by Jack and Jill). I personally had the pleasure to talk with @Reid-Kurtenbach that is one of them: Reid is very friendly, available and ready to provide all the info you need about how it would work with him. You can also find a reiconversion podcast with @Jessey and Reid on the topic.
Good luck!


@Arturo Thanks for the kind words. I enjoyed speaking with you as well and I hope to fund a deal or more with you in the near future!

@Ascheurer Andy - Your question is quite timely. I joined Jaren and Seth on a podcast a few weeks ago that should be published sometime in July. We specifically discussed using hard money lenders vs land funders. If you’d like to talk more, feel free to call/text me at 303-960-8542. I fund land investors nationwide.


@ascheurer if the property isn’t actively making money and doesn’t have anything built on it, I think you’ll have a very hard time getting financing from any kind of bank or hard money lender. You may be able to find help from someone who understands the land flipping business though.

At the same time, if an agricultural property is making money, I would think the seller would have very little reason to sell it at a bargain basement price in the first place. Kind of a catch 22, but I could be wrong.

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I listened to the Jesse/ Reid podcast today, thanks for pointing me there. Its definitely something to consider. I can see how this could really benefit someone.

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I’ll be looking forward to hear you on the tipster podcast!



If you send me an email, I have a shortlist of lenders I can share with you (but to be fair, @Reid-Kurtenbach is on already that list and you guys seem to be hitting it off already.

You honestly can’t go wrong there, he’s a great guy with high integrity, who I’ve personal worked with.)



Scheurerandy at gmail

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@jarenb Thanks Jaren for your kind words. I completely agree with Jaren’s suggestion. You should talk to a couple of land funders and go with the one you align with the most. Just remember, you should vet the land funder. You don’t want to be at the closing waiting for funds that will never show up.


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