Has anyone ever put offers on postcards?

Has anyone ever put their offer on a simple postcard to their prospective sellers? I've been using the traditional letter with an offer and purchase agreement but I am kind of curious if there is a way to save time and money on this process.

I've wondered this as well. My main two questions about it have been:

1) Since postcards are open, isn't it problematic to expose some of the information to anyone handling the postcard, such as the offer price, parcel address, what they owe in liens, etc.? Could that be covered up by a sticker or something for the recipient to peel off?

2) Are there any mailing services (click2mail, etc.) that even support individually unique postcards in a campaign of many postcards?

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@oranjoose I had the same thoughts as well, I feared putting that information on a postcard could be problematic. Have you had any experience with using click2mail to send letters?

@AllenB I was thinking about it too lol! I might try it for my next campaign - if I do it, I'll let you guys know how it goes!

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You could always try including a simple message like,

"This postcard is worth $X,XXX" (this would obviously require a mail merge, similar to a blind offer campaign, to get the right number on each postcard)

...and then reference "your property in XYZ County"

I suppose you could include a parcel number too, but since most owners don't know the parcel number off hand, I'm not sure how helpful that would be.

Seems like it would be more compelling than a standard neutral letter, and since there's no signature or terms, it's not technically a contract (I don't think... but hopefully there's no odd-ball court case out there where this has bitten somebody) - just a conversation starter.

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@oranjoose - I wouldn't mention anything more than an offer price. The postcard wouldn't act as an actual contract, but it would simply get them to take action (because seeing a number would probably generate a lot more interest and responses, even if the response are angry ones).

And yes, you can do mail merge campaigns with pretty much any major mail service (postcards included).

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Thanks @Jarenb! If you don't mind me asking, what companydo you use for direct mail?

All great points @retipsterseth! Definitely something worth trying I think!

@AllenB I've used Click2Mail and now Pebble (www.pebblerei.com) for my mailers. Click2Mail has cheap postcards, but Pebble should be rolling out with that soon as well!

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I think it would work in line with what Seth mentioned above. An attention getting line and case specific mail merged offer number, which then sends them to your buying site.

You lose the officialness of the actual offer letter so I am not sure if it would be more beneficial. Worth trying though!

@Jessey thanks!

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@AllenB Yes there is a very Simple way I do usually use, and it’s very Easy

@AllenB I'm going to be going with Pebble (https://pebblerei.com/) moving forward. They're brand new, so I'm sure there are going to be some bumps along the road at first, but Pebble is made by land investors, so it's pretty slick I think. Before that I used https://www.letterprinting.net/

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@jarenb @AllenB @oranjoose has anyone tried this yet? I made a buyer’s website initially after going through the Masterclass, and I like the idea of essentially carpet bombing offers, but also am keen on using my buyer’s site. Would a postcard with a test offer number directing them to my buyer’s website work? I’m thinking about trying this as my first mailing campaign, but wanted to see if any of you went through with this since last year.