How to Quickly Identify & Remove Invalid Addresses From a Direct Mail List

Hey Tipsters!

I need some help.

I just submitted a new direct mail list for processing, but said they couldn’t move forward because there were about 400 addresses that were invalid.

They sent me a separate spreadsheet of all the invalid addresses, but I had to remove them from the original list manually.

Is there an easy, repeatable way I can identify and remove invalid addresses from my direct mail list?

Ideally, a free website or service like this, where I could upload a spreadsheet of addresses, click a button, and then it kicks back the list with the invalid addresses highlighted in yellow or automatically removed.

Does USPS or UPS have an address validation database you can run spreadsheets against?

Any solution here?

@jarenb I might have something for you.

Are you on a macbook or pc? Either should work but I may have to modify my code if you’re using a macbook.


Hey, my friend! I’ll DM you.

@dvucak, as a PC user, I’d be interested in this, as well.

I’ve seen instances recently where my DataTree leads list some addresses differently than the county’s website does. Having a way to validate that as a batch would be handy.

@dl7573 Sure. Do you want to DM me your email? I can send you my code and walk you through it.

@dl7573 And I assume you have Excel on your PC correct?