I can't get a loan! What do I do!?

I have already done one campaign and would have had 2 sales already however in Massachusetts wholesaling is very uncommon and after days of calling the few I found that can do it get all the info and then never respond. Because of this I need to buy instead of wholesale.

The buildable, camping, and RV lots are extremely easy to sell and get people into bidding wars put here but I cant get a loan!

I Am receiving unemployment due to Corona virus and my credit is 640.

I need a $10,000 or even $5000 loan so I can get at least 1-3 properties but I cant get a loan !😡😡

I try telling them I dont care about the interest rate because I only need the money for the few months it may take for the paperwork and then it's an easy pay off with huge profits after.

What do i do! I'm stuck!

I wonder if a peer-to-peer lending platform might work for you. Just an idea if you can't a loan from friends, family or a bank. I also recently watched a real estate guy on youtube you borrowed from his M1 or Robinhood account to get a deal done. Again just an idea. All the best to you.

what is a peer to peer platform? Or are you referring to friends and family?

I just stumbled upon private lenders but they all focus on all real estate expect land unless it's new development lol. But let's see if I cant get someone to help out

There are a few peer-to-peer lending platforms. A popular one is: https://www.lendingclub.com/ but there are others. They loan money for all kind of stuff. I was about to ask or suggest if you looked into any hard money lenders.

Can you send me through a pro-forma on the properties and their comps and your sales strategy?

If you've got that, send it through and I may be able to help with solving your funding problem.


Have a 401k to borrow from? Any friends / family that would take 15-20% simple interest on a personal loan from you? Are you typically regarded as integrity-filled within your orbit of friends? You shouldn’t have a problem getting a loan from them, showing them the numbers. Or Cory 👆can help if you can’t get it from them!

@jaydensdad7317 Have you ever heard of Fund and Grow?

I wrote a review on them here: https://retipster.com/fundandgrowreview/

It's definitely not the right fit for everyone but under the right circumstances it can be a decent short term funding solution.

You just have to make sure you plan to pay off your debt in time, otherwise you'll be hit with extremely high interest.

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