If REtipster Came Out With A Book Or New Course, What Would Be The Topic?

Hey guys!

I'm just curious, is there any type of content you wish Seth and I created or covered in detail?

If Seth or I wrote a book what do you think it should be about?

Land Tales: True Stories about Buying and Selling Land in All 50 States

Aside from your own experiences, solicit input from the community to gather the most interesting, bizarre, profitable, disastrous and instructive land deals, including at least one tale in every state. Maybe include some U.S. territories and non-US deals as well

ideally, photos and maps for each deal without giving away the exact location because of privacy protection.

If that's too ambitious, you could limit the geography to a region, such as the Southeast or West Coast, or pick a State, in which case the title would be "Land Stories: True Tales about Buying and Selling Land in California (insert Florida, Texas, or even Indiana!)"

I think the land community would get a kick out of reading the trials and tribulations, details and arcana, victories and defeats, outrageous and sublime of being a land baron in the digital age.


@sean-callahan That sounds like a really fun book!

It's been a while my friend! I hope life is treating you well!

@sean-callahan, I love this idea, because I think people starting out could learn a lot, while being entertained. There are a million questions running through our minds when we're starting something new, only a tiny portion of which we can even articulate at any one time, and learning through the stories of others who have done it before, in narrative form (like parables), is a really powerful way to get some of the fundamentals to stick, I think.

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@dl7573 how about this - if I get 10 upvotes on this showing that other people are interested in it as well, I'll bring it to @retipsterseth and see about making it happen. 😁


@jarenb, you got my upvote. :-D

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@jarenb "Outsourcing your Land Business - A-Z processes for you & your team"


@jarenb will give you a call to catch up. but you're a busy man!

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@sean-callahan For you @Sean-Callahan I always got time! Let's catch up soon!