If you could job shadow any real estate investor...

If you could job-shadow any living real estate investor for 90 days, who would you choose and why?

What questions would you ask them?

What do you think would be your biggest takeaways from your time with them?

@retipsterseth I'd probably pick Grant Cardone. He's intense and I don't necessarily agree with 100% of what he says, but it'd be really interesting to see his life and operation behind close doors. What about you?

I would say Robert Kiyosaki. I mean Rich Dad Poor Dad, come on lol I just feel like he's extremely good at making things as simple as possible, which is the way I try to do everything. There's always a simple way to everything.

I'd ask him exactly how he thinks so that he can simplify things.

I'd like to get a sense of what type of person he his and how he goes about making an investment or just any decision.

I think it's just as important to figure out how his thinking works as it is to know the technical things about real estate.

I'm thinking along the lines of @TMPGuys - but I would probably job shadow Ken McElroy (one of Kiyosaki's "advisors").

I gotten A TON of insights from his books and his YouTube channel. He does a great job explaining things in a way that makes big deals seem achievable. A few months under that guy's wing could probably get a person very far along in their investing career.

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@retipsterseth I'll have to check him out!

Not to be that guy but I'd love to shadow those guys at RETipster... I've been virtually shadowing Seth and Jaren pretty closely lately!

Robert Kiyosaki is of course a good one for a more general wealth-building mindset. He makes it sound so EASY to become wealthy. Meet Kevin would be a good one if I got into flipping, as he seems to understand the finer details of flipping pretty well, and his obsessive attention to detail would be beneficial when it comes to understanding all the little things that go into the process (I understand he is a little over-the-top and rubs some people the wrong way, but hey, who am I to judge- the guy knows his stuff). Will check out Ken McElroy. Thanks!

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Sam Zell.

I would say the Trump Family. Learn from the best, President Trump. I would like to see their daily operations of one of the biggest commercial real estate gurus and hear the stories of how his dad got him in the business, and break down some of their challenges. Id ask how I could achieve a small portion of their success. Pretty impressive to see their accomplishments.

One other would be a gentlemen in Reno/Sparks area that bought land all over our area and now has the biggest industrial park outside of Reno with Telsa, Amazon, and many other large companies on his land. He is also cannot read or write (friend reads the contracts to him) and has done amazing with land purchases. He has the largest castle in our area and has a driver for his Bentley. I'm just trying to get you to imagine his situation but not trying to show that vehicles and houses are important. They are not. He has amazing accomplishments. Reason I know all this, he was featured on the news.

I’d love to learn from Carol Scott. She’s a great inspiration.

Any of John Schaub, Peter Fortunato, or Dyches Boddiford. They've all built great wealth and have solid training material that is worth far more than they charge.

So many of the before mentioned names are great suggestions that I would love to follow as well..

That being said I have several amazing guys I already have as friends or as mentors. One of my mentors is Craig Hill who beyond being a great businessman is the author of many books inclusing 5 wealth secrets, The power of a parents blessing, and others. He also is the founder of Family foundations international, an organization that literally saved my marriage and has blessed me in incredible ways. He has blessed my spiritual life, family and wealth so much through his conferences books and personal investment in my life.

Another close friend is Patrick Fisher, of Lion Industrial. He has an amazing up from nothing faith journey and now head of a 300 million dollar company. Last year I spent a couple days hanging out with him on his african game ranch in Texas and the inspiration he rubbed off on me increased my net worth by 50k within a week.


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@retipsterseth Hands down... Warren Buffett, Berkshire Hathaway