If you weren't doing what you currently do in real estate... what other strategy would you do?

I'm currently a land flipper and actively pursuing mid to large apartments deals (Though I haven't done an apartment deal yet).

If I didn't do land... I probably would be looking into notes, private/hard money lending and Triple Net.

I really like the idea of passive income, and it doesn't get much more passive in real estate than lending money, buying loans or buying a Triple Net property.

(Triple Net is owning the building Walmart or Target lease. They typically do 25-30 years leases and they handle all repairs and services related to the building. The biggest draw back is that this asset class is generally more expensive and location is key. If you own a triple net property with a bad location, it will be hard to get a tenant and the mortgage cost could potentially be high.)

What about you guys?

Are we talking real estate only or any niche?

I think if I had 100K to 150k laying around id probably do alot of private money lending. I know someone in my CFRI group that vets the borrowers and connects them with private lenders. It sounds like you can make $1500 , 2k, or 3k a month pretty easily just renting out your money and without doing much work.

Currently i do airbnb vacation rentals and landlording. Not very passive though. So im working on ways to be more passive.

Non-real estate ways of making passive income, i think a monetized blog is a great way and also ecommerce

I currently have an ecommerce business that has the potential to be pretty passive if the right people are put in place to manage it for me. It makes steady income every month. I also have my own blog in the health and diet niche that im slowly growing(about a year and a half in).

Today I listened to your interview about how Seth got started with REtipster and it was pretty insightful! I enjoy curating and writing content but i absolutely hate being infront of the camera lol. I can relate to alot of things Seth said about being introverted but having an eye for detail that serves well for teaching and training. I like teaching and training a whole lot too so hopefully I can incorporate some of those skills into the growth of my blog.

I havent had much luck with land flipping but I havent given up on it yet. I may throw out a few mailers this summer like i do every year and see what i get lol. My main enemy is time. I have alot to juggle.


@Ladymarmar2 Nice!

I'm attracted to airbnb and short term rentals too! I'd love to own property in Savannah GA that I airbnb throughout the year and go visit in the winter.

Blogging is a lot of fun... but to be honest I don't know if it's really that passive. I know a lot of people brand it that way but I know Seth and I do a lot of work around REtipster lol.

What do you think @retipsterseth ?

If I was starting from scratch and didn't have many personal expenses, I'd probably be a commercial broker.

I hear it's hard to get started and build a pipeline of business, but there are A LOT of opportunities to find deals that nobody else knows about and partner with other people on larger properties.

Not to mention, when you actually do get off the ground, there is some huge money-making potential (as far as jobs go). And maybe it's just my perception, but it seems like commercial brokers are generally taken a lot more seriously than residential real estate agents.

I do a flip or two a year, buy and hold rental properties, and am actively building my land business with a focus on owner financed note portfolio.

If I wasn't doing this, I wouls be buying houses (with owner financing) and selling to peoplw with lease options. This is about the most profitable niche in sfr market that I have found.