Jaren appreciation thread!

Haven’t found a Jaren appreciation thread. So thought I would start one here!

I can’t believe it has been 3 years. I remember when Jaren joined REtipster. The great chemistry and friendship between Jaren and Seth were obvious, and that positive energy spilled over into everything they did.

I had a brief conversation with Jaren about coaching and though I never signed up; I found him to be a genuine gentleman. Best wishes Jaren on your new endeavors!

I have definitely appreciated Jaren’s input and expertise. He’s added lots to the website and podcasts. Glad you are both still on good terms! Good luck, Jaren! We wish you all the best.


I’ll pile on too!

Jaren, don’t be a stranger—sounds like you won’t be even if not a W2 any more. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your coaching, support, positivity, and expertise. It’s made a big difference in the past two plus years since we sat down virtually for our first coaching session. Best of luck wherever you put your energies and don’t hesitate to ask for something if ever needed.

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I was and still am a big fan of Jaren (obviously). During the time we worked together, I appreciated his loyalty, enthusiasm, and willingness to take on any work I threw at him, whether it was complicated, boring, or out of his comfort zone.

Jaren is remarkably good at putting his whole heart into the work he does, simply because it’s the right thing to do. In the 3+ years we worked together, I never saw him take on a project half-heartedly.

Thanks for your excellence, @Jarenb!


@patrick-yepez :flushed:

Thanks man! That’s super kind of you!

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@freesiapropco thanks so much!

I’m still planning on being around the community so don’t be a stranger!


Yeah man, I’m definitely planning on still being around!

I appreciate your kind words - you’ve also helped me immensely and I look forward to whatever the future holds for the both of us!

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@retipsterseth Thanks Seth :smiling_face_with_tear:

We should start a Seth appreciation thread!

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@Jarenb! I’ve only been subscribing to the REtipster podcast and blog for the last 4 weeks or so. I’ve been listening to the podcast from ep 1 and making my way through. Only at 71, but was trippy for me to hear you on ep 10, then see you join up with Seth and then to see this post about your exit in such a short period of time (from my perspective as someone binging the podcast).

Just want to say that you’re great on the show. Learned (and still learning) a lot from you. Your energy on the podcast will be missed. Hoping Seth can keep it up!

Been one of the last few people to ever know Jaren in REtipster, but what a great guy overall. Based on the very limited instances that I had the fortune of talking to him, he’s one guy who doesn’t give up and who brings his learning face on instead of being disheartened by criticism. Not many guys do this, so Jaren is one of those really rare few.

See you around, bud. You know where to find us. :smiley:


Jaren has been such an essential part of the REtipster team. He really shines on the podcasts and has a way when it comes to teaching and talking to people. This is probably one of the reasons why people are getting a ton of value from his coaching.

Wishing you the best with your endeavors, Jaren! To infinity and beyond :slight_smile:

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As others here, I had the opportunity to talk to Jaren during a private call to discuss the coaching. He is a humble and down to earth Guy, other than an amazing professional. I hope you all the best for your future endeavour Man and be in touch!