Looking for Land Buying Website Examples

Good Morning,

I am trying to set up my land buying website and send my first set of my mailers.

Q1: Can you share the link of your site? so I can get some ideas.

Q2: What company did you use to set up your domain, site?

Thanks in advance


As for setting up domains and hosting, Bluehost is a pretty inexpensive and basic option where you can handle both of these, and makes a lot of sense if you're starting from nothing and you plan to use WordPress. WPEngine is kind of like the "next level up" if you need to handle a lot more traffic and/or if you want more features built into your hosting plan. I believe REI Conversion recommends/utilizes both of those, if you go that direction.

@samlands, I am certain that @retipsterseth's suggestions would be the most scalable and feature-rich for the long-term. I'm pretty sure that I'm the world's most WordPress-impaired individual, though, so while I'm guessing that my approach might not scale nearly as well or offer as many features that I might need or want, long-term, to get me started I just built a very basic, one-page Wix site. I think I might be on their tier just above free. I did buy my own domain, so there's no "wix.com/" in my url, at least. Other than that, my page is pretty no-frills, but that's definitely way more of a reflection of my web design skills (or lack thereof) than it is Wix's features, I think. It's definitely a few steps above a Geocities page, at least. :-)

@samlands Sure: IBuyLand.org - mine is nothing fancy at all. I use REIConversion for it.

@jarenb Jaren, I absolutely love your "About Our Company! Thank you for sharing.

I was trying to get something like that but did not do as a good a job as you. Good work.

@SamLands I also used REI Conversion/Wordpress/Bluehost for my buying website and I am very happy with the program/software. (redbudinvestmentproperties.com)

I stumbled in a couple areas getting things going, but REI Conversion's customer service is some of the best I've experienced. They were literally sending me custom videos on how to resolve my problems. I think the price is a bit higher than average, but worth it to have a very effective template and fantastic customer service. Seth's "Setting up your buying website" video in the Masterclass walks you through the process step by step. Good luck!

@samlands i went through this same struggle starting out (18 months ago---old timer!). Ultimately bit the bullet on REI Conversion and have not regretted it for one second. If you buy the "FOREVER" plan (think that's still an option), it hurts upfront, but it's one and done, so at the three year mark, it's essentially 'free' compared to the mid-range of other annual plans. Concur on customer service---Jessey and team are very helpful and engaged with land investors. I also subscribe to Pebble REI and have been impressed with that as well----and of course, it integrates easily with your REI conversion websites. do your due diligence, but my two cents is that if you want to be lazy and just get a good product (and are seriously committed for the long-term to land investing), save yourself the time and go to REI Conversion.

What is your goal?

What is your budget?

What is your web design skill level?

My website is BCPLand.com. This is website 2.0 for me. It's not just about standing up the tech part of the website, it's also about the content and the message. My goal for my website is the buy side only. On the sell side, I only list with agents, so they handle all of that. I never try to sell anything on my website or try to take credit cards. I just want my website to present a real, honest, successful, professional image for my business. It needs to convey that my business is one that people can trust and they will want to work with.

Budget? I went on Fiverr and found someone to build it for me. That was a few hundred dollars. For hosting I use Blue Host. They're ok.

Web design skill level? I have don't have the time, patience, or ability to build a website, which is why I sub'ed out the job. The part I was responsible for (and the part that is more important that your techie skill level) is that I wrote all the content, found and selected all the pics, and created the look and feel for the site. I delivered everything to my web designer. She just plugged it in and got it live.

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Hey @SamLands if you have any questions feel free to reach out. I’m a bit biased here and founder at REI Conversion (www.reiconversion.com) but you can always find our demos to preview here: landleads.reiconversion.com OR landleads1.reiconversion.com. Always open for a demo at anytime :slight_smile:


@Sean-Callahan - Agree with everything you said and I, too, went the Forever plan with no regrets - but I don’t see it offered on the site pricing page anymore. Perhaps if I am wrong and just didn’t find the right link @jessey may jump in and correct me.

Speaking of Jessey - I’ll just echo what everyone else says about REI Conversion, their products, and customer service: TOP NOTCH PRODUCTS AND GREAT SERVICE. I highly recommend them.