Looking for some alternatives to PatLive

Does anyone have any experience with a solid, reliable, cost-effective alternative to PatLive?

If so, what other company did you use, and how was it unique and/or different from what PatLive has to offer?

I've heard from some who have used Answer First, but I've never used it myself, so I can't offer much feedback about how it compares.

A lot of these companies seem to lack personality and problem-solving skills. I can always tell when one of these answering services picks up the phone, because it sounds like I'm talking to a human drone and absolutely no value comes out of my interaction with them. It's basically like a glorified version of a recorded voicemail message. I'm not sure why people actually pay money for this stuff.


We used Answer First for a bit, not impressed with their service.

We have been happy with Live Voice, it is much cheaper than PatLive and their operators have been very courteous and professional. They don't necessarily walk through a script (as I understand PatLive does) however, they ask a question or two specific to our letter (ie. reference number) and it works great.


I have not had much experience with them but https://www.abbyconnect.com/ has been recommended to me by a few folks.

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I've heard good things about https://www.callporter.com/

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Smith.ai is one I always hear about.


Do you have a link to LiveVoice's website? I only found a streaming service but that doesn't seem to be the LiveVoice I'm looking for... Thanks!





Gilian Balberde from Callme.com.pe

This is the best service for the money hands down and they will do call backs too!

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Thank you for letting everyone know about CallMe just wanted to update the website link. https://www.callme.com.ph

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I understand Gilian's team is based in the Philippines. But nowadays people are probably used to not being connected to a US-based person.

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@justinm What sort of pricing options do they have? My only issue with PatLive is the price, but more that it is monthly regardless of use.

We currently use PATLive but I am not happy with the service. We are looking into posh.com and Answeraide.com
Posh will not only answer calls but can be tasked with outbound calling to gather further information.
AnswerAide not only takes calls 24/7 but they offer additional services.
They can manage your social media content mgmt (create and post for you) and customer service outsourcing (trained to your company’s standards).
Both services were recommended to us by other land investors so we just have to decide what services we need and how much we are willing to pay for it.
I hope this helps.

@jawollbrink Hello Jason, I have tried both of these links and seem to get an error message or my virus software says that it is not a safe link. Am I doing something wrong here? Thanks