Need advice for potential home purchase

I came across a property I was interested in purchasing but the property currently has a tenant in there. The seller is willing to deliver the house vacant (which I prefer) but what are the steps that should be taken to ensure this happens? Should I have a walk through 2 weeks before we go to the escrow office and should I write this in the purchase agreement? Specifically that the purchase is contingent upon inspection of a vacant unit? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Just want to make sure I do not end up on the news being one of those buyers that cannot remove the occupants due to various moratoriums. Thanks!

@scorpio1985 sounds like a valid concern to me, and your solution sounds pretty fair as well.

@charlotteirwin Thank you!


Yea I think spelling it out clearly in the purchase agreement is the way to go - “contingent upon final walk through and confirmation of vacancy”.

I think two weeks before closing is fine, but you could make it closer to the closing date - there is nothing magical about two weeks compared to 1 week or 3 days or something.

Just as long as they’re out (along with all their stuff) before you take title.

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@jarenb I agree,
“Contingent upon confirmation of vacancy and property being left in broom swept condition within 3 days of closing date.”


@jawollbrink love it!

Thank you everyone, very helpful.