New Investor in VA and FL

Hi Everyone,

Sean here. I launched my first direct mail campaign last week and the leads are rolling in! I’ve been going through the master class and I’m learning a ton. Looking forward to connecting and learning from you all and maybe doing some deals together as well.



Welcome, welcome!

Congrats on launching your first direct mail campaign.

Getting your first round of leads is always an exciting experience!

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Welcome to the forum @seanjsorbie! Glad to hear you’re seeing some results in your campaign.

Keep us posted on how it’s going.

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@retipsterseth @Jarenb7 Thanks to the both of you. As it happens, I ended up making an offer to the very first lead who called me. And it looks like they will accept! Not tryna count my chickens before they hatch over here but this is very encouraging.

@seanjsorbie It’s hard to beat the land business! :dvd:

Congratulations (tentatively)!

@jarenb7 UPDATE: they just returned the signed purchase agreement! Now just need to finish due diligence and close this bad boy. Could wind up with 100+% profit. Thrilling!

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@seanjsorbie Congratualtions on a great start.

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@seanjsorbie JUST G_R_E_A_T :+1:

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@seanjsorbie i’ve worked quite a bit in florida, feel free to contact me if you are uncertain about any steps in the process.

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@seanjsorbie If you are looking to team up on some deals, let me know. Would be great to work together! :+1:

@givingtree @seanjsorbie @retipsterseth @Jarenb7
Hi, I live in Jacksonville, Florida. I am very familiar with Duval County and the surrounding Nassau, Clay, and St Johns counties. If either of you are interested in investing in the NE Florida area I would be willing to visit and evaluate properties for you, take photos, and assist with boots on the ground due diligence. I am new to land investing, but I do have experience evaluating land for utilities as part of my day job. Thanks!