Pre-foreclosures or tax delinquent lists?

We have double motivation for getting started very soon with real estate investing. Yes, we are hoping to build a business to reach some financial goals, but we are also looking for land on which to build a house. We were thinking of trying to find a dilapidated mobile home or house property with acreage, removing the old home from it and building our house there with the already present infrastructure (well, septic, etc). Would you recommend starting with pre-foreclosures or tax delinquent list for trying to find the specific kind of property? Thanks!!



I would pull a list from a data service provider like Propstream (see review below) Propstream or DataTree.

That’s probably your best bet for finding niched property like potentially dilapidated mobile homes.

I would consider using additional criteria that would help increase your likelihood of finding a motivated seller.

Stuff like:

  • Out of state owners
  • Absentee owners
  • Owners older than 55
  • High equity (or even completely paid off property)
  • Other criteria, like compliance or maintenance liens, crime, recently deceased etc.

Propstream can filter by similar criteria to this.