What are the top three negative responses you have received?

Good morning Tipsters. I have not sent out mailers yet and was wondering, those who have what are the top 3 negative accusations you have received from sellers?

1. No F-in way Im selling for that.

2. My property is worth 10 timed that

3. My property is worth more because XYZ... (it has a cabin, well, etc) I usually respond to these and say "How much would you consider selling for?


"Do you even know who you're talking to right now??"

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@Tae_Cho Thank you. What a strange way to respond to an offer lol.

@jawollbrink Those are great! Thank you for responding this is helping clarify some things in my mind!


I honestly wouldn't worry about this.

People can get mean but what's nice is, if you set up your phone system the way Seth shows us in the Land Masterclass, you can simply delete the messages once people get nasty.

On the rare occasion someone might yell at you but more often than not (especially in land) people are pretty easy to work with, even if they reject your offer.


@Jarenb Thank you! I am not so much worried about it. I was just wondering if it would be a good Idea to do an "Accusation Audit" when sending out your mail. Something to the effect of.

"This offer is not for everyone, you may think that I am just trying to take advantage of property owners, you might say "there is no way in hell that you would sell for that low of a price, you might wonder if I even know what I am doing offering such a low amount for your valuable land. And I a lot of people do and that's ok. However there are those who just need their problem property gone out of their lives in the most no hassle way possible, those are the people who this offer is best suited for."

Just a thought I was having.

@My706Realtor, I think what you're describing generally makes a lot of sense to me, and I wonder if the timing of when you deliver some of that more detailed "accusation auditing" messaging might depend on one's marketing approach in terms of blind offers vs. neutral white letters. Meaning, if you're sending blind offers, I could see potentially getting as detailed as you describe in your initial mailer. For me, so far I've been doing neutral letters, so while my initial letter does point out in a very general way some of the advantages of going with a quick cash sale with a buyer like me, I tend to incorporate a more detailed response/justification about my approach, somewhat like you're describing, when I talk with prospective leads on the phone, and when I deliver an offer to those qualified prospective sellers after the phone call.


@dl7573 That make sense also. I might be overthinking it as well. Yes I can see it being more useful if you are using blind offers in your as your strategy and in conversations. Thank you!

You are going to get vulgar responses, and that’s ok. They will usually include F-bombs, etc. I’m always amazed that people take the time to write a note and mail it back to me, and waste their money on a stamp.

But I learned that I actually like getting these notes. They are a positive for my business. Why? I send blind offers. People will sometimes send them back to me and say something like you, “You offered me X. Don’t you realize the land around here is selling for…” And then they give me a sense of the market. They are probably high, but when I get enough of these back, I start to get a sense of if I priced too high or too low. It’s free feedback for me. Second, I add them to my “Do Not Mail” list (even if they don’t specifically ask me to). I do keep a constantly growing, “living document” Do Not Mail list. I recommend that everyone does this. It’s the right thing to do. And, if you send another mailer to that same area/list, it saves you the mail cost and them the annoyance.

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  1. One man tried to find out where I live after going our business address and learning it is a virtual mailbox.
  2. One woman in Nevada created a second number to threaten calling the FBI on me.
  3. Voicemails with people cursing us for contacting them about their land and/or due to dissatisfaction with our offer price.