What is the best system for finding motivated sellers of vacant lots?

What is the best system for finding motivated sellers of vacant lots?

Hi DeAndre, start here:


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Hi @DeAndre,

I don't know how in depth you want to go on mastering the art of finding deals from motivated sellers but we actually have an entire course dedicated to that here at REtpister.com:


In terms of land specifically, for me I've found these two to be the most effective:

1. Direct Mail Marketing

2. Buying from county auctions or places like https://www.bid4assets.com/

@Jarenb sorry I mean like actually real estate software systems.

@DeAndre Ah! Sorry about that - I would use Datatree.com

You can set the criteria for potential motivated sellers of land, or any type of real estate for that matter, and download a list to mail to.

Here's a video tutorial on it:

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Hello DeAndre, if run a prosperous R.E. company I would recommend creating your own software for those purposes. It requires some investments but pays for itself in the long run. Take a look at this thorough guide.

@jarenb I know this thread is a little bit older but was wondering if you could offer some insights into bid4assets. What sort of challenges have you found? Have you run into title issues? I took a minute to breeze the sight and there were some interesting lots for sale there.


Yea man! So Bid4Assests can be a good source for deals.

A lot of states and counties run their official auctions through their system (like California for example).

They have both regular properties and auction properties on their site.

From a title standpoint, I'd approach buying property off their site, similar to going to a county auction.

You want to do all you can to ensure that the title is clear but you still might end up going through a quiet title action or additional steps to clear things up.

I think it might be like finding a needle in a hay-stack but if you got the time to dig through and analyze the properties listed there - I think it could be a pretty solid potential source for deals.