What's the best mail service for sending blind offers!?

Blind offers!
I am getting ready to send out my first blind offer mail campaign. I have tried the delinquent tax postcard method but I am ready to try something new.
Seth uses ITI Direct Mail in his lessons. I was wondering if anyone has used Offers2Owners.com from Steve and Jill? Any insights would be greatly appreciated.


@imelbel I have no experience with blind offers to offer any insight, but I’m curious why you’re moving on from delinquent tax lists and postcards? I am very new and have just sent out a couple of delinquent tax postcard mailers but haven’t had much luck. Thanks!

Hi @imelbel,

I’ve been using Offers2Owners for about year. I send them ready to print letters (I don’t use their mail-merge), and they do a good job (I think). One downside to their service is that I don’t get any returned mail, so I have no idea how many make it to the recipients and how many fail to be delivered.
Good luck!

@imelbel I don’t know offers2owners but I am currently using Rocket Print & Mail: it’s cheaper than most of the services out there, the interface is very complete and user friendly and, so far, the support was just amazing.

I used ITI Direct Mail for my first campaign: nothing to complain and all was smooth and easy.

Someone here complained about click2maill lately, so i wouldn’t go for it.

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@imelbel I use offers2owners. I merge my own, because after a while I just wanted to be done with the task and not wait for them to tell me it’s merged, please approve it. It is usually the same couple of people doing customer service and they are very responsive in my experience. Hope that helps!

I have used Offers 2 Owners in the past, but I switched because I found other vendors where I could save money. I have used 3-4 different print companies in my career, but the one I use now is Rocket Print and Mail. For price and service, I have found Rocket to be great. Another interesting one is EZMailClub.com. They advertise a price that is cheaper than Offers to Owners, but as a curiosity, check out their templates.


I switched to Rocket Print not long ago and the experience has been pretty solid so far.

You can see this overview in case you missed it on YouTube:

I really like the way their mail tracking works, so you can get an idea for if and when your units are actually getting delivered (a lot of mail services have mail tracking, but they don’t show it this kind of interactive nationwide map). Mine are still in the process of hitting mailboxes, and you can see pretty clearly where the progress is at.

Here’s a screenshot to show you what I mean…

What’s the difference between the yellow, blue and red circles on the map? These are visual for volume related quantities:

  • Blue – low quantity
  • Yellow – medium quantity
  • Red – higher quantity

The mail tracking provided in this portal is reported to Rocket Print directly from the post office. Apparently, it is not 100% accurate because of the way the post office scans and reports the deliveries. For instance, if there is an entire tray of mail, they might not scan every piece in the tray, so just because it isn’t scanned it doesn’t mean that it was not delivered. So the tracking reported is not 100% deliverability. If you feel you have a list that you are particularly concerned with, you can try sending it first class so that you receive the returned mail.


For me, it boils down to two options:

  1. Rocket Print & Mail

  2. Pebble

Each path provides a unique set of pros and cons.

Rocket Print & Mail is very much the extrovert’s dream direct mail company!

They’re super friendly, and love to talk on the phone, answer questions and tailor their service to your unique situation and try to give you a very personalized experience.

They also have incredible prices!

Pebble on the other hand is more designed to be self-serviced.

Now to be clear, the support team is world-class, and they’ll definitely step in and get you whatever you need, but the process by design doesn’t require communicating with anyone.

You simply sign up, select / design your letter template, upload your list and send out your mail.

Pebble is also a full-force lead tracking CRM made by land investors for land investors, so as you grow there is a lot they have to offer.

So if you’d prefer not to talk to people or “build a relationship” with a direct mail rep - Pebble is probably the route I would go.

If you’d prefer the opposite, Rocket Print and Mail is probably your best bet.

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@jarenb To add to your very salient points above, as I understand it (don’t - yet - use Pebble) with Pebble you can drip the mail out and buy printing / postage (or spend) in smaller (maybe more economcal) increments. With RPM, you have to buy printing in bulk (e.g. 5,000 units at a time) [but pay the postage as you go] and may have a minimum mailer size (e.g. 500 units). But, I don’t know these for sure as I’ve been buying more than 5,000 units of printing each time from RPM and haven’t sent a mailer smaller than 500. But, I supect one can confirm if / what the minimus are via Seth’s video above (confession: I haven’t watched it as I am pretty much married to RPM for another 20k plus pieces of mail - grin).