Where do you list your land for sale?

Asides from your website, FB Marketplace, Craigslist, which other platforms are you listing your properties on? (ie: Land.com, Zillow, Landmodo, etc.)

@Jessey lol Looks like everyone is doing their website, FB Marketplace, or Craigslist 😂

For what it's worth, I've tried my hand at a few of the well-known paid platforms (landwatch, landandfarm, etc) and I wasn't blown away by the experience.

I can see how they have some value in targeting a specific audience and bringing in traffic from a lot of the right types of buyers, but even so, my properties always ended up selling through the free mediums rather than the paid ones (mind you, I haven't used the paid websites more than a handful of times, so my experience isn't a large enough sample to draw any solid conclusions about which platforms are truly better).

I'd be curious to hear from people who have listed and sold hundreds of properties through the paid sites, along with the free ones, to hear if they think it's worth the cost of paying for a "premium" listing vs a free one.

@Clint-Turner - what's been your experience selling on paid sites? Do you think they justify the cost?

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With zillow toll free number you can sale your land easiest. Support staff will answer all questions

@johnnparry55, I had not heard about this option to have Zillow reps field questions about your listing. Do you know what it costs?

Edited to add: Maybe I misunderstood, but I haven't found any information about an option where Zillow support staff will field questions from prospective buyers, on the seller's behalf -- which would be awesome, if it worked and was cost-effective. Is that what you meant @johnnparry55, or were you saying that Zillow support staff will help sellers get their listings posted for sale on the Zillow website, if they need some assistance?

I also use Craigslist

All of my properties are marketed on MLS, FB, and all the major land websites. Plus, I use Loopnet when it makes sense. Also, I find it important to put a sign on it.

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@retipsterseth land.com (i.e. Lands of America, Land Watch, Land and Farm) was a game changer for me. I had been sitting on some inventory for months via the regular free channels. As soon as I had my land.com account… I couldn’t keep enough inventory, they sold too fast. Big fan.

@Clint-Turner thanks for the hookup

@tmiski thanks for sharing your experience! That’s great to know.

@dl7573 It would be unusual for the support staff to answer real estate related questions. Unless the rep is licensed in that state, it’s a big no-no. Pretty sure this is the case in most states. It definitely is in the states I work in.

Zillow sells the buyers information to an agent (or several), who will follow up.