Where to Find Obscure Sources of Data (for Direct Mail and Beyond)

Hey Tipsters!

There is data out there that significantly increases the potential of finding motivated sellers.

The problem is, I don’t know where to find this data.

Check out the following - any idea where to find this stuff in a repeatable and reliable way?

1. An exhaustive list of all the properties that require a septic system for a county (as opposed to being on city sewage)

2. An exhaustive list of all the properties that require a well within a county

3. An exhaustive list of all the properties that are landlocked

4. An exhaustive list of all the properties that are only accessible by an established easement

5. A list of the recently deceased within a particular county

6. A way to figure out the age of property owners

7. A list of people who have gone through bankruptcy in the last 3-5 years

8. A list of all properties in an HOA

9. A list of properties that have water frontage

10. An exhaustive list of properties that have any kind of lien or judgment attached to them


I am brand new and know absolutely nothing and I’m totally spitballing here…

But what about asking in some ultra niche subreddits like maybe r/DataScience (500k+ subscribers)

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@jarenb Hello Jaren, in my pervious life (business) one of the research companies that I used was called INFO USA ( which is now called DATA AXLE USA. If you sign up it will allow you do do searches and get counts free of charge. Some of you answers may be found here, and time spent on their site just may trigger a few more “nuggets” I hope that this helps. Peace BT



Thanks for the tip! I’ll check r/DataScience out, for sure!


Very interesting! I’ll check them out and see if this solves it!

I appreciate the tip there!

I was digging into Propstream this week and found most of those, pre probate, divorce, liens, bankruptcy. I have never seen where to get the water/sewer data though, even when I find a deal in a rural location I have to call multiple places within the county to find out if it has water/sewer. I start at the county utilities office and they will send to different town utilities offices to locate the info, that’s never been easy.
So that brings up a question as to why you want to target parcels without water/sewer? Are you looking for opportunity to add value?

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As for the landlocked and parcels with an easement, man that would save a ton of money in marketing if I could get that list to cross out of my mailers! I’m working an area now that the easement is a separate parcel in some instances and have ended up mailing some easements that go to a house or business, pain! I have been able to use the filter on Prycd (DataTree) for pulling data for owners who have owned for a certain number of years though. I’m sure you were already aware of that. Do you have reason not to trust that filter is working properly?

#3, #8, and #9 (and possibly others) are all supposedly available in DataTree. Here’s where you can find them…

Note that there are several different variations on “waterfront” available.

As for bankruptcy deals, you can actually find these pretty easily through Foreclosure.com. I’ve got a video that explain how to find them here starting at 14:25:

Note that DataTree also has some ways to identify mortgage liens, HOA liens and foreclosure data as well:

The problem is, whenever I see this many options available in a data service, it usually means that some (and sometimes many) of the filters won’t work, because most counties won’t get this granular in how they classify property features and information… so just because the filtering options are there doesn’t mean they’re going to work for you.

That being said, I would imagine some of these will probably work in California and other densely populated counties, but I wouldn’t expect them to work consistently (or at all) in the more rural areas. Nevertheless, it’s good to know the options are there, as it may be worth a try in some instances.


@spencer-anderson I’ve been hearing good things about Propstream lately… I’ll check them out!


No think that filter seems to output some pretty reliable results.

Nothing is ever perfect in DataTree but from my experience, that filter is as good as it comes in there system (whereas the HOA filter is almost useless lol).


Interesting… I’ll have to mess around with those and see how accurate they are.

Thanks for the tip there Seth!


You sent me down a rabbit hole, my friend!

PropStream looks like a VERY strong potential for a lot of these points of obscure data… I’m very intrigued! Thanks so much for sharing this.

@retipsterseth … we might need to do a review on this!


We recently got an email list from a data leak. After a certain number of months this data is usable for soliciting (legally).

The list was of 2 million boat owners. We had an VA email blast them sending them to our land buy site.
It sounded cool but wasnt effective so we pulled the plug.

In the house buying world people wouls get lists from the post office of address change ans stop mail (for vacant houses) as well as the water/utilities shutoff list.