Which company do you mail with?

Hi Everyone! For the past half year I have used Click2mail for all my mailings. I was very happy with them till very recently (especially this week when they redid their website, and are experiencing many issues with it). Can anyone recommend a good mailing company with reasonable rates? Thanks in advance!

@gary-sk I have been using click2mail and as well. What issues are you having with their new website? I really like the new design it is a lot more modern.

Have you tried clearing your browser some time that helps when a company updates its website for everything to run properly? Also, I have heard a lot of good things about this company.

@tyler_harris I am having trouble with uploading the mailing list. They are being very cooperative but it's still not solved and I need to have my mailings out. Thank you

@my706realtor Yes. They had me do that but it didn't solve the issue. Thanks for the other company, I'll try it out if they can't solve the issue soon.

@gary-sk No problem good luck.

@gary-sk oh man. I guess I’ll have to update my Click2Mail video tutorials now (unless they’re really taken a step backward, in which case, maybe I’ll just stop pointing people in that direction). I’ve been using ITI Direct Mail for almost everything over the past few years and I’ve been happy with them.


@retipsterseth Thank you Seth! While the issue on my account is still not solved, they are being extremely helpful over the phone, and are constantly working to fix it. The new site is actually much more up to date. Let's hope it's fully functional soon.

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I’ve used ITI Direct Mail for all my mailers so far, and I’ve been happy with them. I’m interested in shopping around a little though as I haven’t compared prices in a while.

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@Gary-SK I've also been happy with itidirectmail/letterprinting.net (they're the same company).

If you're looking for a CRM that can process mail for you as well, I'd check out https://reiconversion.com/pebb...

Pebble isn't perfect but it's a fantastic option for sure! I use it personally.

@jarenb Ok. Thank you Jaren! I'll give it a shot

@jarenb how is the cost compared with these two options? I’m interested in pebble because of the crm but trying to figure out if it gets to expensive when you factor in the mailiers ? thanks!

Hi @paulomunera,

They’re pretty comparable.

I believe Pebble is about $0.70 a letter ( @Jessey am I right about that?) and LetterPrinting.net is about the same.

The more mail you do through LetterPrinting.net the cheaper it is per letter… but roughly $0.70 is a good ball park.

@paulomunera Hi!
For my first campaign (19 April this year) I used ITI Direct Mail and I was fully satisfied…then I came across Rocket Print & Mail for my second campaign (went out on the 6 May) and those guys rock!

It’s “cheap” (compared to all other services, and as a mailing service can be cheap), very user friendly as you just have to send by email the list and the template you want to use and they do all the job, and you have one account manager (Brad normally takes care of Land investors and he has marketing experience) that is your advisor and first interface with the company, fix all your problems and answer your doubts.
In case this is not enough:

  1. you can include on the envelope a red tag with a sentence you like (that can be also merged) FOR FREE. I think that, if used properly, that could trigger the curiosity of the seller in some way.
  2. You are never charged to revise your proof (ITI charges you 30$ if you need to revise it) but you just go back and forth with your account manager till it’s perfect.
  3. This first time I bought 5000 pieces, 1 pg BW + white envelope but, in a second moment, I asked if it was possible to add some small colored jpg files, and they allowed it FOR FREE.

If you need it (not my case, so I didn’t investigate any further) they can provide also other services aimed to market your brand (websites, SEO, etc). I’m definitely not going to change service :wink: .
Someone could probably see as a Cons the fact that you have to send every time no less than 500 pieces and that you need to buy at least 5000 pieces upfront.

You may want to have a look at this:

Have a great day!



I’m planning on giving them a try soon!

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@jarenb let us know how it goes. As I said, I choose RP&M over Letter Printing but I have only 2 Campaigns under my belt. Sure your experience makes your opinion way more reliable and useful for everyone here:sunglasses: . Thank you J!:pray:

@arturo Oh man don’t butter me up too much, otherwise, my hats won’t fit my big head! :smiley:

I’m thinking about writing a review of them for the REtipster blog eventually.

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@arturo Thank you for such a detailed post. Quick question what are you using for your CRM or how are you tracking what goes out and who calls back? Does rocketmail have a crm option or do they integrate with a good one? Thank you.

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@jarenb :grin: :grin: :grin:

@my706realtor well…i just started… I guess I am to CRM as Winnie the Pooh is to Superman:grin: .
At the moment, in my super limited experience, i’m very ok with my excel spreadsheet from data tree, adding some more columns (my offer, % discount, reference number, market value, Seller’s phone number and email) to keep track of those calling me, how it goes and follow up on them. It’s pretty basic but I had to start from somewhere and this seemed to be the most effective way according to what i need now.
Not sure if RP&M has a CRM but I heard great things and watched some impressive videos on Peeble (@Jessey and @rockwood ). If you want to discuss automation, I think a great person to discuss with (here or on fb) could be @callanfaulkner though…she literally kills it…

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