Would you rather be a millionaire or have consistent cash flow of $10,000 per month for the rest of your life?

For me I'd take the cash flow.

My goal with money has always been passive income. I believe having consistent income that comes in whether you work or not, is the true mark of financial success.

Do you agree or disagree? If you disagree, I'd love to hear your thoughts at to why!

If the cash flow was guaranteed (like, a pension payout from the government or something), I'd probably go with that, since it would exceed the $1,000,000 in 9 years (and hopefully I've got more than 9 years to live... but only time will tell).

However, if I did get one tax-free deposit of $1,000,000 into my bank account, I'd like to think I could use that to do a few flips via 1031 Exchange that would eventually turn into $10,000+ per month.


Forty years ago $10,000 was worth over 3x its value now. On the same trajectory, 40 years from now, your $10,000 monthly payment would be equivalent to today's ~$3,200. Who knows though what the inflation would actually be, or even if the dollar will still be used as the primary means of transaction by then! Generally I agree though that financial security is better than financial ambition.

If we're assuming:
Inflation adjustment for both numbers
Guaranteed Monthly

I'd take the 10k all day. A risk free IRR of 12% is nothing to sneeze at.

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In my fuzzy math I'd be a millionaire with the 10K a month...so I am gonna go that way.


My quick response would be to take the 10k.

But... as some have pointed out, inflation etc..

With 1mil liquid I could create more than a 10k monthly income in real estate in less tham one year, and it would be inflation proof with the benefit of gaining equity. Plus I would have fun working/building/creating it rather than the mediocrity laziness of knowing I had that 10k income guarantee.

@jawollbrink - what path do you think you'd take to converting your $1 million into $10K per month within one year?

I know there are many different roads that could get you there, but what your game plan would look like?

I'd go with the $10 K month. Being only 23 it would way surpass $1m

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I would go with the 10 K as it would keep me disciplined and determined to invest my money wisely and make more.

If I were younger I would take the 1MM to build a business such as real estate or other income producing investment. If you make a mistake while you are younger it is much easier to recover and rebuild your net worth, however since I am in the "last 50 yards" of life I would take the "mail box money" of $10K per month. Another point of view, while you are young or old, take the 10K per month so you have peace of mind to take care of family while you build a business. If your business idea or real estate acquistion is appropriate you'll find a partner to provide the funding.

@jarenb Easy. Iā€™d rather have $1 mil or more in the bank today, rather than rely on $10k per month in a devaluing currency. $10k will not be worth the same in the future, due to inflation.